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Breaking through Shadows

Thank you for buying my first NFT photo. If you followed the link, you’ll learn about me and you can see many more of my photos.

This photo is special to me because I take photos of two things–things that bring me joy, and things that are ordinary, overlooked. This one is both.

On a good day, it’s easy to see the joy in everything. “Snap, snap, snap.” I take a lot of pictures. But, it’s during the most difficult times that I make the most effort to find something beautiful–even if I don’t leave my own backyard.

Photography is life. It’s finding the beauty in everything, even on the darkest of days. That’s the lesson.

This lotus–one of the dark days. But there it was, standing at attention, breaking through the shadows.

“Look… I got through the mud. And so will you.”

I know the lotus is everywhere these days, but it has special meaning to me. It’s the flower that grows through the mud in a stagnant pond. It needs the mud. It transcends it. It tells me, “The sun is always on the other side.”

I photograph them as a reminder.

I am grateful to you for supporting my first work because I have a secret: I’ve never sold any before. It’s always been work from the heart. I’m grateful this piece spoke to you.